We all want one thing: to grow – whether that growth is economic, international or personal. But successful growth isn’t something that can be achieved single-handedly; it takes a very special network of people who all support, inspire and empower each other.

And that’s exactly what the C-community in the form of our CMO Council, the CMO of the Year Award and the CMO Barometer do – because only through communication and recognition can we grow together on all levels, and also beyond our own limits.

Yvonne Wicht und Ronrald Focken

CMO Council

No one else understands the current challenges that CMOs are facing better than other CMOs. This is why, in the last few years, the CMO Council has evolved into a unique community for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which enables selected CMOs to interact on a level playing field, in an exclusive setting.

Together with its partners, the CMO Council also puts together the jury who decides on the CMO of the Year. It’s not about simply patting each other on the back though; the goal is to learn from best cases and grow from this experience.

Are you also interested in becoming a member of the CMO Council?

Yvonne Wicht und Ronrald Focken

CMO of the Year

Anyone who receives this award can be very proud of themselves, because the "CMO of the Year" Award is visible proof that you have done a lot of things right as a CMO.

This includes innovative strength, internationality, brand success and, last but not least, an extra portion of entrepreneurial courage.

The "CMO of the Year" is chosen by a high-caliber jury consisting of renowned CMO Council members and partners. The award ceremony will take place on the evening of the Innovation Day, and we are already keeping our fingers crossed!


More about the “CMO of the Year” in Germany

More about the “CMO of the Year” in Switzerland

Yvonne Wicht und Ronrald Focken

CMO Barometer

What are the expectations of top marketing officers for the year ahead? In collaboration with the University of St. Gallen, the Serviceplan Group asked CMOs from the most important companies in the D-A-CH region and another eight countries and summarised the results in the CMO Barometer.

There’s a good reason why the current CMO Barometer has the title ‘Superheroes wanted!’, because in times like these, CMOs don’t just need a good strategy to successfully overcome the multiple challenges they face, but also real superpowers – creativity and resilience in particular.

Would you like to be one of the opinion leaders surveyed for our CMO Barometer?  

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Yvonne Wicht
Chairwoman CMO Council
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