What does a marketing officer need to be bring to the table to win the CMO of the Year Award?

If we had to sum it up in three words, it would be success, courage and personality. And the best people to decide who should win this prestigious award is a jury made up of CMO Council members and partners.

We are already excited to find out who’ll be called to the stage on the evening of Innovation Day this year.

CMO Award Gewinner - Michael Götz

CMO of the Year Award 2023

Already now a shout-out for the "CMO of the Year" 2024! Because he or she has managed to achieve extraordinary things as a CMO through entrepreneurial success, a high level of innovation and a calculated willingness to take risks.

Just like Michael Götz, "CMO of the Year" 2023 and CMO of Gustavo Gusto, who has proven that you can reposition yourself even in a completely saturated market such as frozen pizza.

The new "CMO of the Year" is awarded on the evening of Innovation Day on 15.10.2024.


If you are interested in taking part in the “CMO of the Year” Award Night 2024, please feel free to contact us at info@cmo-award-night.com. We will be happy to hear from you! 

Top Ten 2023

Tim Alexander

Deutsche Bank

CAN (C. Niebuhr & N. Bartenschlager)


Dr. Susanne Dickhardt


Bettina Fetzer

Mercedes Benz

Michael Götz

Gustavo Gusto

Jürgen Kornmann

Deutsche Bahn

Klaus Schmäing

Burger King

Anja Stolz

R+V Versicherung

Christian von Hegel


Christine Wolburg


Who are the best people to judge the performance of a CMO? That’s right – other CMOs and partners.

The Jury 2023

How do you achieve the extraordinary and become CMO of the Year? These CMOs have shown us how it’s done!

Previous Winners